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  • Vogue Studios Services are a form of artistic impressions and that the results achieved will vary from person to person.

  • Pricing may vary depending on length, density, hair texture or desired results. You are welcome to stop by for free a consultation for a thorough estimate.

  • Because our clients come to Vogue Studios to obtain the best of their service, please be courteous to other clients by not bringing your child unless they have an appointment. 

  • If you are 15 mins late for your appointment it is possible that we will reschedule your service. This is fair to other punctual clients & the stylist provided. 

  • Vogue Studios operates under a cancellation/reschedule policy; (No - Show and/or the cancellation fee is $50.00). Your services and appointment times are reserved exclusively for you. In consideration of our stylist's schedule, we ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least one to two days before the beginning of your appointment. 

  • Your information entered in this website is not shared or sold. We use this information for the sole purpose to contact you and/or keep you in records.  


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